Courses and Mentoring

As a former university lab instructor and community college adjunct instructor, Elizabeth is excited to be teaching online courses on writing and offering writing mentoring alongside them. These classes will be for teens and adults who want a fun and engaging class to help them through the process of learning to write a novel. It’s a great class for those who want to publish (indie or traditional) as well as Elizabeth spends time talking about both and even helps you learn how to write a book proposal. The course is also appropriate for homeschoolers looking for an elective or language arts credit.

Lessons consist of videos (roughly 45 minutes to 1 hr per lesson) plus assignments, an optional workbook to go along with the video for those who want questions to help them think through the material, a short story written over the course of the class, and assigned reading of a nonfiction book for a strong foundation in grammar. You will have access to the course for three years, giving you some flexibility as well as an incentive to finish it and your story.


I. W.R.I.T.E.: How to Write a Novel – Full edition This is the full 30-week course. The first half consists of lessons designed to help you understand the craft of story with a focus on creating characters, story worlds, plot, and the goals and conflict needed to drive the story. We talk about getting ideas, finishing the novel, and what readers want in novels. Midway through, we discuss creating book proposals, as if submitting to a literary agent, because the skills needed for this will make you a better writer no matter your writing goals. The second half of the course focuses on the words–description, dialogue, scene and sequel, show/don’t tell, and self-editing. We also discuss indie and traditional publishing. Throughout the course, we work on a ~20,000-word short story retelling of “Beauty and the Beast.”

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Elizabeth offers a mentoring option to go with each course where she “grades” assignments and gives feedback on the short story (she is a professional editor as well as an author). She also hosts a monthly live Q&A.

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