Elizabeth Kitchens loves learning and sharing about what she’s learned and experienced, whether that involves giving practical advice about writing and publishing, explaining scientific concepts, or tying together interesting historical tidbits and Biblical truths to inspire and teach. She was terrified of speaking in public as a child, but after teaching college microbiology labs for several years, she discovered she actually loves speaking and teaching, especially if she’s passionate about her subject. To grow her skills, Elizabeth earned a Competent Communicator Certificate from Toastmasters International, Inc. in 2017. She was invited to speak at her local writers club several times and has taught a workshop at the Southern Christian Writers Conference in Birmingham, AL.

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Speaking engagements

  • “Writing Fantasy,” a workshop for the Southern Christian Writers Conference in Birmingham, Alabama, June 2022
  • “A Brief History of English,” a presentation to the Tuscaloosa Christian Writers Club (TCWC), March 2019
  • “Self-Publishing: Uploading Your Book to CreateSpace,” a presentation to TCWC, February 2017
  • “Introduction to Copyediting,” a presentation to TCWC, May 2016
  • “The Mysterious Book: How to Format Your Book for the CreateSpace Printing Platform,” a presentation to TCWC, April 2015


Writing Fantasy

Use story elements, especially goals and conflict, to develop both a fantasy world that is tightly woven into the story itself and an engaging story readers can’t put down.

Making It to The End

Haven’t finished your book yet? Learn about common story problems and types of internal resistance that impede progress and how to overcome them.

Math for Authors: Setting a price for your books and calculating profit, taxes, and break-even point for in-person events and selling direct

Learn about the math that makes you–or loses you–money. Consider taxes, payment processing fees, setting prices to make a certain profit, and more in this practical workshop.

Elixir or Poison?: Gaining and evaluating feedback from critique partners, contests, editors, and beta-readers

Smart authors get feedback–and know what to take and what to leave. Learn how to gain and evaluate feedback to improve your writing.

Indie Publishing: From manuscript to a book that sells

A practical and honest guide to indie publishing given in a conversation manner.

Don’t Be Ruled by Rules

How understanding the concept of principles versus rules can help you in your writing and life.

I W.R.I.T.E.: An introduction to writing a novel

Have you always dreamed of writing a novel but don’t know where to start? This overview  will help you get started and discover that your novel is only a page away.

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