Curse Keeper, Curse Breaker

A fairytale retelling series with humor and clean romance

The books are standalone, but books after Midnight for a Curse are about characters from previous books, so you can read them alone, but it’s more fun to read them in order. Additional books are planned for this series.


A bookish Beast wants to keep his curse and a tomboy Belle must talk him out of it. A Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Belinda Lambton knows a curse when she sees one. She also knows the wisdom of agreeing with a powerful enchantress. So when she inadvertently gets mixed up with a cursed Beast and his enchantress, she finds herself tasked with the role of Curse Breaker. That’s not an easy position, for Beast has reasons of his own to keep his curse. There’s also someone else determined to break it by whatever means possible and claim Beast for herself, and she doesn’t take competition well.

With wit, clean romance, and a touch of danger, Midnight for a Curse is a retelling of the beloved Beauty and the Beast tale.

Midnight for a Curse is available here in ebook, print, and audiobook.


He needs a kiss to stay human … her kisses are poison. A Frog Prince/Snow White mashup retelling.

Robert, Duke of Pondleigh, already has one curse, so what’s another one? Or two? If only these things involved fighting monsters—or even being turned into one—he’d be fine. But attempting to force him into marrying the woman who nearly killed him by cursing him to either gain a lady’s kiss each day or become a frog, simply isn’t gentlemanly. The fact the princess he’s been in love with for years won’t even answer his letters, much less see him, doesn’t help his chances of freedom.

Princess Snow has excellent reasons for going into hiding at the Cottage for Retired Enchanters deep in the New Grimmland forests, reasons like a terrible secret and an overprotective stepmother. When Robert, the duke she thought had forgotten her, shows up as a frog, he seems to think she’s his curse breaker, but Snow knows better: her kisses are poison.

With wit and clean romance, Cursed for Keeps is a mashup retelling of “The Frog Prince” and “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

Cursed for Keeps is available for sale here.