Of Magic Made

A Magic Collectors series

This series is set in an Ancient Greece-like world and is more high fantasy (longer and a bit grittier) than my others. It will be a trilogy with future stories about beloved characters. Book 2 releases late 2021.


Book 1

A lonely young man with more than one secret to keep gets swept into a world of danger, curses, and found family in this thrilling clean fantasy retelling of “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.”

Seven princesses. Seven dragon lords. A nightly dance of magic and fire.

Princess Thea of Giliosthay is a Realm Walker. Betrayed by a trusted guard, her rare gift of enchantment is used to curse her brother and trap herself and her six sisters into a nightly dance with dragons in a secret Realm. The Realm’s prince has the ability to take and twist her magic for his own purposes, and Thea fears what those might be. For when one dances with a prince, a kingdom might be at stake.

Athdar Owain is a hunted wanderer, one determined to keep his secrets and the treasure he carries safe at all costs. When he rescues Giliosthay’s prince from raiders, he’s rewarded by being forced into the king’s elite Silver Guard. While this gives Athdar a temporary home and some protection from those hunting him, it also makes him responsible for the young prince and the seven enchantress princesses—all of whom are cursed.

Athdar alone can save them, but to trust enchanters is to risk exposure. And Athdar isn’t sure where his loyalties lie.

Wrought of Silver and Ravens is here.



A quest for a guard. A curse for a princess. A love for them both.

Half-magic Athdar Owain loves his new home in Giliosthay—and the crown princess he’s betrothed to. But when he learns his mother and grandfather are alive, slaves to the raven-eaters in the Mountains of Terror, he sets out for a deadly land he’d hoped never to see again. Even if Athdar and his companions, including fellow Silver Guards Galen and Bane, survive the journey, he fears they may not be able to free his family from the magic of the raven-eaters’ enslavement.

Princess Thea of Giliosthay and her sisters may no longer be forced to dance with dragons each night, but they aren’t free from their curses. Prince Cerav has disappeared, taking with him the miniature, magic-wrought crystal city and glass castle they need to free themselves and their kingdom from his influence, but to follow him would be foolish until they know how to fight the mysterious abilities of the half-magics. Ever practical, Thea focuses her efforts on strengthening her Realm Walking abilities and on deciding how she feels about the young Silver Guard her father has betrothed her to.

While Athdar is struggling to rescue his family, strange attacks begin in Giliosthay. Athdar once chose Giliosthay as his home and helped save it; now, he’s inadvertently split the Silver Guard and left Giliosthay vulnerable.

Wrought of Serpent and Snow is available for purchase here.


BOOK 2.5

Athdar Owain still sleeps after destroying the evil Heart of the Mountain, and without the threat of the “dragon,” trouble begins to brew that won’t stop when he wakes. 

Breccan Rhett of Deyrnas always keeps his vows, but two of those will soon be in conflict. He swore to protect his people, but he also once begrudgingly vowed to prevent harm to the enchanters of Giliosthay. He’s already died twice and has no fear of a third death, but on whose side will it be?

Tovi of the Desert Tapte Sauer might just be the last of her line, the only Watcher left. A dubious honor when it means she is the one who alerts her people to the merchant caravans and raven clans they can attack. She dreams of a different life, but that hope soon turns to a nightmare: the high priestess of the Tapte Sauer is determined to rebuild the Heart, and Tovi is chosen as Gift: the best they have, the first sacrifice to rebuild the sorcerers’ power. 

Wrought of Rings and Wrath is book 2.5 in the Of Magic Made series. It is meant to be read between Wrought of Serpent and Snowand Wrought of Lions and Sand but is not necessary to read before Lions and Sand. It is a story of found family and letting go of vengeance and introduces Breccan’s leading lady (though the story itself is not a romance).

Wrought of Rings and Wrath is available for purchase here.