The Magic Collectors


Jane Austen romance meets fantasy adventure

This is the original Magic Collectors series. It features standalone novels about the Floraison family. They are clean fantasy with magic, adventure, humor, and romance. The Rose and the Wand is also the story of the enchantress from Beauty and the Beast. It and To Catch a Magic Thief both start at about the same point in time and overlap a little bit, so you can read them in either order. Future books are coming about Alexandria and Gabriella’s siblings (Eva and Fred), their parents, and possibly other characters.

The Rose and the Wand

The Rose and the Wand book

One curse won’t cure another, or will it?

When prim and proper enchantress Lady Alexandria attempts to bewitch a magic mirror, she ends up cursed—powerless, penniless, dumped in a strange land, and stuck in the body of an old hag.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the mirror gives her two tasks: curse the prince whose arrogant cruelty she once ignored and find her way home—before the Magic Collectors find her and strip her of her powers forever and before the mysterious woodsman who finds her lost in the forest discovers who she really is.

The prince she curses must learn to love before an enchanted rose dies or he will remain a beast forever. Will her fate also be sealed when the last petal falls?

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The Rose and the Wand was the Fellowship of Fantasy Book Club Book of the Month for November 2018. It was formerly published as The Beast’s Enchantress.

To Catch a Magic Thief

Never tangle with a magic thief.

Falsely accused of being the notorious Magic Thief, the non-magic Marcel Ellsworth wants nothing more than to stay away from enchanters and sorcerers. Unfortunately, he soon discovers his mentor, the Duke of Henly, is head of a family of proud enchanters—and that they’re the next target of the Magic Thief. With the threat of another accusation hanging over him, Marcel sets out to prove his innocence, especially to the duke’s beautiful daughter Gabriella, and to stop the Thief once and for all.

But Gabriella is hiding a deadly secret that complicates Marcel’s mission, and raises its stakes. For one thing is certain: the Magic Thief has come for more than magical treasures—he’s come for Gabriella.

To Catch a Magic Thief is also available as an audiobook. It is available for sale at these stores.